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You're in good hands with our butchery team. Originally chefs, our fully trained butchers can advise and help you cook any of our meats for the best results!

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Our beef, lamb and pork are all farmed within 10 miles of our shop.
We also have the rare breed of Dexter, available whenever possible, being grazed just a few  fields away.

We hang the beef for a minimum of 21 days which produces a fantastic flavour.

Our hand pressed burgers and sausages are made here by our butchers and vary with seasonal ingredients. How about sweet chilli or pork and black pudding? Cheddar and caramelised onion is a Maxey's favourite sausage!


Stuck for a dinner idea? Have a look at our 'ready to cook' counter. Our hunters chicken or beef stir fry will solve your dilemma...

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